Colcan Cannabis

Our Process

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At Colcan Cannabis, we are focused on growing, processing and supplying flower, medicinal cannabis oil extracts and related products in an ethical and sustainable manner.

At every stage of production, Colcan Cannabis products comply with the highest standards, quality control systems and procedures implemented.

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Our Business Model


Colcan is able to grow medicinal cannabis with the exact characteristics that a customer demands, from the percentages of cannabinoids like THC and CBD . We have 170 different genetics registered and we have proven out 25 registered cultivars in 5 of the 7 sub-regions of Colombia of both high THC and CBD dominant strains. We are proud to boast High THC strains of up to 32% and high CBD levels with less than 0.2% THC that allows us to access all world markets.


At Colcan Cannabis, we specialize in agricultural production chain management. With our years of experience cultivating in Colombia, we have been able to produce high-quality dried flowers.


We have the ability to extract and standardize raw materials according to the specifications and needs of each client extracting with both CO2 and Ethanol

Final product

Dried flower. CBG, CBD and THC
High CBD cuttings
CBD Oil with <0.2% THC
Full spectrum oil
Broad spectrum CBD oil
CBD Isolate