Colcan Cannabis

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Under open sky and under greenhouse…
Cultivating the best medicine in the world
on the best land in the world
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Ideal conditions in Colombia

12 hours of natural sunlight

Abundance of
natural water

fertile soil


Low labor

Colombia’s climate is ideal for growing cannabis with a 12-hour natural light cycle throughout the year, fertile soil, and plenty of water.

Cultivating here is simply the best option for a quality product.

Our business model

Why Colcan Cannabis?

Established Agricultural

With years of experience cultivating Cannabis in Colombia, Colcan Cannabis has managed to stabilize its genetics and produce high-quality finished products.


We have an adequate transportation infrastructure by land and air to and from the location of the crop.

Ideal Growing

Our land enjoys a 12-hour natural light cycle, as well as consistent warm temperatures throughout the year. The soil is fertile, humidity is ideal, and there is easy access to water and electricity.

Low Cost

We have locally trained agricultural personnel who can produce high-quality flowers and oil at a low cost.

Governmental Security
and Stability

The Colombian government was one of the first in the world to legalize and regulate medical cannabis. This move has brought many benefits to the country, including an increase in tax revenue, new jobs, and improved public health. Investment policies are stable and equitable, and security conditions in the region are very good.

of Products

Our wide range of products are designed to meet your needs and requirements: high-quality dried flower with high CBD content and low THC content as well as high THC flower, cannabis oil (full spectrum, Broad spectrum CBD and CBD Isolate)

Our Farms and Facilities have alliances with the following entities

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